Making You Hungry, Healthy, and Happy One Pirouette At A Time


Natasha Sheehan - tippytoegirl - in the kitchen

Hi everyone! I’m Natasha (also known as “tippytoegirl”), and I’m a lover of all things, especially ballet, yoga, traveling, and discovering healthy food/nutrition menu items to fuel my body. I’m a San Francisco native but I primarily grew up in the East Bay (the other side of the Bay Bridge). I’m a dancer by day (currently a Corps de Ballet member with San Francisco Ballet) and a cooking wiz at night. Not really, but I do dream of becoming a Nutritionist one day; and as of now, I’m enrolled in Saint Mary’s College LEAP Program for dancers.

I currently follow a “Pescatarian” diet, which means I eat vegetables, fruit, healthy fats, complex carbohydrates, and sustainably-caught seafood. I avoid dairy and gluten, and generally try my best to stay away from any type of processed foods as much as possible; relying heavily on whole, organic real foods for fuel.

My entry into the nutritional foodie blog world came about because of ballet. Let me try to explain…

I started ballet a little later than many dancers (I was about 10 1/2 when I started dancing). The first few years went according to plan and I generally stayed in your run-of-the-mill prepubescent ballet body type category no matter how often I pigged out. Then voila, puberty hits and suddenly, I had to be a little more conscientious about what I ate; not to mention, the foods I used to like no longer satisfied nor tasted good anymore.

I slowly started looking into foods that would satiate my appetite, had higher nutritional value for energy and building stamina. But most importantly, I wanted foods that delighted my taste buds,  made me feel and dance my best!

So, here we are.

My goal is to share tips with other dancers, athletes, and anyone who is interested in having a healthy mind, body, and soul; to have a balanced lifestyle, get more energy, take care of your body, create a good relationship with food, and prove that “healthy” food is anything but boring or tasteless!

Thank you for visiting my blog tippytoegirl and can’t wait to share more with you!